Whitlee Jones (SC, 2012)

Date: Nov. 2012                        Context: Domestic Abuse
Accused: Whitlee Jones        Victim: Eric Lee
Attorneys: Mary Ford (d), Culver Kidd (p), Scarlett Wilson (p)
Trial Court: 9th Judicial Circuit, SC (Charleston Co.)
Judge: J.C. Nicholson, Jr.
Case Name & #: State of SC v. Whitlee Jones
Relevant Charges: Murder

Outcome: Jones granted Immunity from Prosecution based on the “Protection of Persons and Property Act” in South Carolina. Prosecutor Kidd has said he will appeal the ruling.

Summary: Whitlee Jones was involved in a dispute with her boyfriend, Eric Lee, with whom she shared a residence. She ran from the house and yelled for help, at which time neighbors called police, but did not come to her help as Lee dragged her by her hair back into the house. After more violence, she left the house and called two friends…

Pre-Trial Documents

Jones – Order Granting Immunity

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